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Fall Favourites Tag

I first saw this tag on Tracy's blog, but wasn't planning to do it because I just didn't have good answers lol. Then I saw that Larie had subbed out favourite fall movie (???) for favourite nail polish and I was like YES I am on board with this. All spellings of "favorite" have been Canadian-ized :P

1. Favourite fall candle
I seem to collect candles instead of burning them... (I'm bad at handling lighters and matches.) The closest "fall" candle I have is BBW's London Calling, a tea- and lemon-scented one that I obviously had to have when it came out last year.

2. Favourite fall lip colour
Sephora Rouge Cream in Crush / MAC Fashion Revival / Annabelle TwistUp in Royale / Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Shameless
The short answer: vampy, with a red-based purple lean to it. Long answer: Annabelle TwistUp in Royale was sent to me in a PR package at a time when my eczema was really bad and I was feeling down about the way my lips had become discoloured as a result of battling it. Royale totally worked with my blue-tinged lips and an obsession was born. Since then, I've picked up a few more (Sephora Crush and MAC Fashion Revival swatch almost identically, btw) but that's the one that got the ball rolling. The stronger blue tones in Revlon Shameless almost puts it out of my comfort zone, but I recently wore it all day (work and then to a media thing) and I felt boss.

3. Favourite fall drink
I bought David's Tea Ginger Beer by chance because it was the tea of the month for October (it was October 31, so it was the last day in the spotlight, too!) Plus bf loves ginger beer, so why not? Turns out I love it too--it's a little sweet and not super spicy. It sounds weird to drink something that's like warm ginger ale/beer but worth checking out!

Honourable mention for Blenz's tiramisu mocha from the new holiday drink menu! I just tried it yesterday and it's delicious and creamy, although kinda pricy.

4. Favourite blush
I think I will get all sorts of things thrown at me later for this, but blush is kind of all the same to me :x I don't really think about what blush to wear in the same way I think about eyeliner or lipstick. Lately I've been reaching for Annabelle blush in #44, which is a muted mauve-y rose. It pairs well with all the vampy lips I've been wearing lately!

5. Favourite clothing item
A photo posted by Angela (@dowantmakeup) on

I bought this infinity scarf last year from Nordstrom Rack during a trip to Portland, mainly because it was real damn windy! It was a random purchase at the time, but it's a perfect transitional piece for when the weather is getting chilly but not so cold that I need to bust out the big guns. It's also quite handy as a backdrop for product photos, haha.

6. Favourite nail polish
The most recent would be ArtDeco Couture Mystical Heart, but of course I have too many I love to give just one answer! The subtle shimmer in the deep navy of Sephora Formula X Wunderkind (used here) makes it extra pretty. The photo above combines two of my fall favourites: Essie Going Incognito and Essie On A Silver Platter (original post here).

7. Favourite fall TV show
I actually watch a lot of TV, but I was able to narrow down my answer easily. I am a big fan of Sleepy Hollow--lots of POC in the cast and badass women in charge, plus Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie are adorable! (I'm not usually a softie for accents, but look up Tom Mison--bonus points if he's talking in character! There's something about the timbre of his voice that is very pleasant, to put it mildly :P) I also just watched the series premiere of Into The Badlands, which looks promising.

8. Favourite Thanksgiving dish
The turkey and gravy, of course! Bf's mom makes Thanksgiving dinner every year and she lays bacon over the turkey to cook with it in the oven--om nom nom.

9. Favourite Halloween costume
Sorry but I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was 11. I keep meaning to make a costume and then get lazy.

10. Favourite fall perfume
Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber, hands down. I get zero cucumber, but I love the cozy vanilla and tea notes.

Fun fact: I took this photo and several others with the intention of writing a post highlighting how much I like Jo Malone perfumes. It has been over a year since I took these photos. The backlog will never end.

What are some of your fall favourites? If you decide to do this tag, let me know so I can read all your answers!

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