Friday, November 13, 2015

Pretty things from LUSH Christmas 2015 Preview

The recent LUSH Christmas media event was fun as always! Christmas is serious business for LUSH and they've cooked up fun new products in addition to bringing back some classic favourites.

LUSH also had someone from their manufacturing team making a batch of their new Don't Look At Me fresh face mask. This mask contains silken tofu, rice milk, and rice syrup, all blended up before our eyes!

Snow Angel bath melt is a long-running LUSH Christmas product. If I actually took baths, I would definitely be all over this marzipan-scented, cocoa butter-based bath melt to hydrate dry winter skin.

Cranberry is another new addition to LUSH's lineup of fresh face masks. This one is inspired by the cranberries that often accompany a traditional Christmas dinner, and promises to brighten dull skin.

Here is the display of the Christmas solid soaps in all their full-sized glory! Did you know all LUSH solid soaps are made in these giant cheese wheel-like molds? Normally you don't see these in storefronts because their large size gets them kept in the back rooms. The detail in Old Father Time in the back is especially impressive--I hear it takes two full days to make that one.

Reindeer Rock is new and the deep red soap is scented with lingonberries. I really like the grown-up fruity smell of this one; it's fruity but deep and a bit musky (?) and not at all sugary.

Baked Alaska looks like a snowball on the outside, but is full of beautiful, bright colour and uplifting, fresh-scented oils on the inside.

Old Father Time has a clock and cogs motif and an earthy, woodsy scent. It's such a shame that most people won't see this new addition in whole form because it's so cool.

Snowcake is another returning product, and thank goodness because I didn't get to try it last year! I'm looking forward to lathering up with this one and its creamy, marzipan scent.

Yog Nog is also back, and you know I love this one! If you haven't tried it before, you must check it out. I love the creamy, slightly spicy eggnog-inspired smell of this one. FYI it's also available as a bath bomb now.

Close up of Yog Nog soap, dusted with cocoa powder
Attendees also got to press their very own bath bombs. I didn't realize that all of LUSH's bath bombs are hand-pressed by their manufacturing team; I heard that they hand-press over a million bath bombs a year at the Vancouver location alone! Pictured here is the pretty blue and gold star filling that goes inside the new Stardust bath bomb, vanilla scented and deceivingly plain-looking on the outside.

I haven't actually been inside a LUSH shop in a while, so it was a great opportunity to see what else was new in addition to the Christmas goodies. The deep blue/hot pink/butter yellow of the new Intergalactic bath bomb caught my eye. I totally see the deep space inspiration with this one.

Rub Rub Rub is beautiful just to look at. This is a solid version of the Rub Rub Rub shower scrub, with sea salt to scrub and illipe and cupacu butters to moisturize.

The words "hot hand mask" made my eyes do that cartoon zoom-in thing. Golden Handshake is full of all sorts of moisturizing butters and oils and is intended to be massaged into the hands and rinsed off. For a more luxurious experience, pour a little hot water over it in a bowl and soak hands in the warm, moisturizing concoction. We wants it.

Let The Good Times Roll is not new but worth mentioning for those that haven't tried it before. This is a face/body cleanser that exfoliates very gently with polenta (corn flour) and has an awesome caramel scent.

While at the media preview, I was treated to a hand and arm massage and learned a bit about layering products. Because LUSH products tend to be strongly scented, I always thought of combining their products as kind of an olfactory disaster waiting to happen. Instead, the scents of Rub Rub Rub, Rose Jam shower gel (another returning Christmas fave), Celebrate lotion, and First Snow dusting powder combined into something amazingly citrusy and sophisticated, with a hint of sweetness--and not overwhelming at all. The folks at LUSH are super nice and happy to offer arm massages, so don't miss out! They're all legit LUSHies and will have lots of suggestions for layering products.

There are way too many Christmas products to talk about here, so be sure to check out the entire collection on the LUSH website! As always, they also have tons of beautifully pre-wrapped gifts to treat yourself or a lucky giftee.

What are your favourite LUSH Christmas products? Anything you're dying to try?

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