Saturday, November 3, 2018

CND 2018 Boho Summer collection

CND Boho Summer 2018 nail polish
It's a little late to be posting about a summer collection, but with the weather so gray and dreary right now, maybe a bit of brightness couldn't hurt? The Boho Spirit collection from CND this summer hit just the right mix of brights and subtler shades for me. Available in both long-wear Vinylux and Shellac (CND's gel range), there's Offbeat (bright magenta), Uninhibited (pinky peach), Gypsy (orange), and Vagabond (muted pale yellow).

CND Boho Summer 2018 nail polish Gypsy
Gypsy's orange is a bright and true orange, bordering on almost neon. This shade fits in equally as well in a cheerful summer mani as it would in a fall look. It's the kind of brightness that makes cameras photograph kind of wonky (the below picture is a bit more accurate imo).
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