Monday, August 19, 2013

LUSH Beach Box Review

Okay, this review is shamefully overdue, because this set is no longer listed on the LUSH site *hangs head*. However! You can probably still find a few boxes hanging around in your local LUSH shop--just call ahead to make sure. In any case, it's not all bad, since all of the products in the Beach Box are permanent items that can be purchased separately.

Here's my favourite of the box: LUSH's legendary Ocean Salt ($21.95 CAD / 120g). The 70g size included in the box is the same size as the Fresh Face mask tubs. This is the one to get for a seriously satisfying scrub. The mix of fine and coarse sea salt exfoliates away all traces of dead skin, avocado oil and coconut extract to hydrate, and vodka-soaked lime and grapefruit for brightening and antibacterial purposes. I love the citrusy-oceanic scent, which energizes me to face the day in my freshly-scrubbed skin. My face feels amazing after using this stuff.

Due to the lime and salt, this is obviously a bad idea to use on any areas where you may have a cut or say, a recently-popped pimple. If your skin is sensitive, you may want to visit a shop and ask for a sample first. I use this on my face undiluted, in all its pure, scrubby glory, but you can mix it with a creamy cleanser if you find it too harsh.

Friday, August 9, 2013

LUSH Beach Box-Inspired Nails

Hello! It's already August and despite all the gross sweatiness that comes with summer, I'm sad to admit that it'll be over in a blink. That's also about how much time you have to pick up LUSH's limited edition Beach Box ($29.95 CAD).
Beach Box includes full-sized versions of the Sea Vegetable soap and Ocean Salt scrub, as well as minis of Sea Spray hair mist, Dream Cream and Seanik shampoo bar. When I received the set from LUSH, I fell in love right away with the quirky, sea-inspired art all over the recyclable cardboard packaging. I couldn't help but reinterpret it on my nails:
Not exactly my cleanest work, but I'm pretty happy with the results!
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