Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fall: White Jeggings

So I've been sitting on this post for a while and realized I really need to get this out, before there's snow on the ground!

I've wanted white jeggings/skinny jeans for a while and scooped up a Mavi pair on sale. Finding white jeggings in my budget that fit me well has been tricky--the thin material + white means some pairs I've tried on are slightly see-through, but these Mavis are pretty opaque.

Originally I was planning to wear them with a pair of colour-blocked stilettos, but I couldn't find them! So I wore them with my Reebok Skyscape Harmony flats--they're like Toms, but with a neoprene-like upper, and more cushiony and durable if you ask me. This is the more "honest" representation of my style anyway, because I'm rarely in heels haha.

Believe it or not, Vancouver is actually pretty gorgeous right now. Freaking cold, but we've been getting lots of sun and zero clouds.

My Danier satchel broke >:( The hardware (swivel snap) that holds the strap to the body of the bag broke. I took it into the Metrotown store, but the associate said he couldn't do anything for me since it had been over six months since I purchased it. He offered me a replacement strap, but the only colour he had was powder blue lolol. I appreciated the gesture but obviously didn't take him up on the offer. I'm disappointed with the so-called quality of Danier goods and probably won't buy from them again. Lately I've been using this lululemon convertible tote, which is super lightweight and roomy.

Mysterious lychee-looking fruit we found while walking in the neighbourhood

I live in jeggings. It's hard for me to find bottoms that fit just right--in standard sizing, my legs are a little too skinny in proportion to my waist, so most normal jeans and dress pants look baggy in the legs. Jeggings are super stretchy and meant to be very body-hugging, so they're just right for me.

I miss my red hair :< It's faded a loooot and I'm overdue to get it done again. The sun in Hawaii faded it quite a bit and it's looking kind of orange-y, not to mention my roots are showing. I've been putting off re-colouring so I can test and review hair products without fear of negative effects on freshly-dyed hair.

Please note I did not drink this venti all by myself. Bf is an elephant who will guzzle all my drinks as soon as my back is turned.
Hope you're having a great week! It's way too cold for me to enjoy a frappuccino like this anymore, but I've been making myself tea lattes a lot lately! My favourites right now are David's Tea Gingerbread Cookie and Assam Banaspaty; any recommendations for me? :D

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