Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Crafty: Squishy brioche cowl

Hello! Today's post is something a little bit different--it's my first crafty post on the blog, finally! I've been knitting off and on for about 8 years and wanted to share a recent project that is one of my prettiest to date. It's a rather pic-heavy post, hope you enjoy!

Right side / wrong side
This striped brioche cowl is one of the squishiest and coziest things I've ever made. I used Purl Bee's two-colour brioche cowl pattern as a guide, but brioche is a well-known stitch for making a gorgeously lush fabric with more squish and dimension that your standard stockinette stitch. The left side of the photo is the "right side" of the cowl, which features the cream yarn more prominently, but I actually prefer the "wrong side" (right photo) because it just looks so much more interesting.

I used Malabrigo Worsted in Fucsia and Manos del Uruguay Maxima in Natural, two skeins each. DIY isn't always cheap; the cost of the yarn was about ~$40 USD, but the merino wool is so buttery and soft that it manages to drown out the sound of my credit card balance weeping.

Brioche is one of those things that seems hard but it's really simple once you get the hang of it; you're just knitting the same two rows over and over.

I love the way the white peeks out between the magenta on the wrong side. Reversible scarves are the best, seriously.

It wasn't even really coat-wearing weather at the time when I took these photos, which is why this super warm-looking scarf is paired with such a thin jacket lol. I kinda wish I had just sweated it out in a coat for the sake of the photos.

By the way, I had my hair cut 2-3 inches shorter after these photos and regretted it immediately ;__; Come back, hair!

I would really like to block the scarf to straighten out the stitches, but I'm deeply terrified of the magenta dye running into the cream.

And just so you don't forget this is a beauty blog most of the time, here's a bonus photo of the cowl with my Costume Quest nails XD

I hope you guys liked this post! Aside from nail art and makeup, I really love baking and knitting/crochet and want to share more non-makeup posts in the future.

What's your go-to fall/winter accessory?

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