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LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo

I've always been super lazy when it comes to hair. I'm hilariously inept when it comes to any sort of styling and my recent attempt to DIY dye with an at-home kit probably belongs in a sitcom. However, since this summer when I started dying my hair, I've been a lot more conscientious when it comes to hair care and the products I use.

LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo
I recently tried a few hair care products from LUSH, and while Veganese conditioner and I Love Juicy shampoo (which smells awesome, by the way) weren't right for me, No Drought dry shampoo is a new favourite.

Washing hair (or water, generally) is terrible for dye; I am always so sad when I see that my dye has turned the water purply-red and it's all going down the drain, or seeing my dye in my hair towel. The simple solution was to obviously stop washing my hair as often. Although my hair doesn't get oily as quickly as it does for other people, washing my hair only once a week meant some greasiness was inevitable.

LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo
Here's where No Drought comes in. This dry shampoo uses corn flour, talc, and magnesium carbonate to absorb oil and refresh hair. It has an amazing grapefruit and lime scent that isn't too overpowering, unlike other dry shampoos I've tried. You know I love citrus scents, so the scent here is a big plus for me. If you've ever smelled Saje's gorgeously zesty Liquid Sunshine diffuser oil, No Drought smells just like that.

LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo
Unlike most dry shampoos on the market, No Drought is non-aerosol. There are some pros and cons to this: with aerosol dry shampoo (the kind you shake and spray), you get a fine mist that is simple to apply and tends to blend in easily with hair. However, I tend to run out of aerosol dry shampoo fast. A can of dry shampoo becomes empty in a few short weeks, while I've hardly made a dent in No Drought after a couple months. On the flip side, because No Drought is a powder and not a mist, it can get messy quickly and may take a little more time to blend in, especially if the powder has a few clumps in it. I always massage No Drought into my hair over a sink or tub because some of the powder is bound to fall out of my hair.

The other downside is that if my hair gets really oily, No Drought is not as effective as an aerosol dry shampoo. I've applied No Drought to refresh my hair and gone to work, only to realize that my hair quickly became greasy-looking again in a few hours--this is when I know it's time to bust out the aerosol stuff.

I apply No Drought directly to my hair by holding the bottle low over my head and squeezing it, distributing the powder in small "puffs" all over the crown of my head, then massaging it in. I've tried other methods too, like rubbing it between my hands and then massaging in (kinda messy?), and putting the powder on a boar bristle brush and brushing my hair with it (not as effective).

Overall, I really like No Drought and would definitely buy it when I run out. Although the bottle may look small in comparison to a big can of aerosol dry shampoo, it's the better value because this small bottle lasts longer. It works for me because my hair doesn't really get super oily even after a week of no-washing, but I would skip if very greasy hair is a problem for you. It's also messier to use, so you're better off with a small aerosol can if you're the type that needs to refresh their hair outside of home.

Available at LUSH: $14.95 CAD / 130 g (pictured); $7.95 CAD / 55 g

Ingredients: corn flour (Zea mays), magnesium carbonate, talc, fragrance, grapefruit oil (Citrus paradisi), lime oil (Citrus aurantifolia), citral, geraniol, limonene, linalool

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