Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Grey marble nails

I can always tell how much I loved a certain set of nail art by how many photos I took. Different hand poses, different lighting, close-up photos, lots of very slightly different angles to catch every detail. So I definitely loved these grey marble nails (for which I made my first nail art tutorial ever), but it makes it really hard to pick out just a couple photos to make it into a blog post.

Grey marble nail art
Marble is a lot different from nail art I've done in the past that needs a lot of precision to look just right. It's especially great for de-stressing, because I'm super focused but not stressing out too much about how it doesn't look like my reference photo, not proportioned right, etc etc

Grey marble nail art
With marble nails I can sorta just happily doodle along. I don't even need to draw straight lines -- it's actually very satisfying to draw a freeform jagged vein. 

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Marble nail art: a tutorial

Marble nail art tutorial pictorial

My first post of 2019 (and in over half a year) and I'm back in a big way - with my first-ever nail art tutorial! I made the quick pictorial above but I think some steps could use extra explaining, so I have a detailed step by step below.

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