Sunday, January 3, 2016

My favourite nail art posts from 2015

I started feeling kind of nostalgic and while looking back at all my posts from 2015, I found some nail art posts that I really loved. Compared to two years or even a year ago, I think I've improved a bit--and learning how to take better photographs helped too! I wanted to share my favourite nail art posts from 2015, so I put together a countdown:

7. NYFW Nail Art: Lela Rose Fall 2015 - fun, simple, pretty. Surprisingly one of my most popular posts on Instagram.

6. Year of the Sheep (Or Goat) - this one was just cute as hell and easy to create with the fluffy sheep and Chinese New Year-appropriate red and gold. I think it's the start of a new tradition on this blog--CNY 2016 is the year of the monkey and that will be super fun to do on nails.

5. A little bit of foliage (leaves nail art) - even though this was on the simple side (and on such stubby nails, agh!), I loved how this one turned out. I like the painterly effect of dabbling my brush in a few different colours and seeing what comes out. I keep meaning to do this kind of look again with flowers and other nature-y things.

4. LFW Nail Art: Marchesa Spring 2015 - this one was an interesting change of pace because unlike some other work I've done, it didn't require a lot of precision. Instead I just had fun drawing flower-blobs and dry-brushing strokes of gold polish.

3. PFW Nail Art: Rick Owens Fall 2015 - creatively-speaking, this is the set that probably pushed me the most. Rick Owens' aesthetic is very different from my usual preference for romantic, feminine runway looks, but it was really interesting and rewarding to tackle.

2. Polish Like A Pirate - I whipped up these pirate- and treasure-themed nails for Talk Like a Pirate Day! While not as complicated to do as other nail art I've done, I was super, super proud of how well the skull came out, and I really liked the navy and gold combination. It was total luck that the skull ended up filling out my entire nail, as I didn't plan out the proportions when I started.

1. NYFW Nail Art: Oscar de la Renta Fall 2015 RTW - this one kicked off the whole Fashion Week-inspired nail art thing, I think, so it gets bonus points. Aesthetically, I don't know if it's my favourite, but it's definitely the most detailed and technically complex. I get lazy a lot doing nail art and end up doing one or two "cop-out" nails--that is, nails that are much more simple and less time-consuming, but this wasn't one of them. I love the soft, buttery-beige colour I achieved by layering Zoya Jacqueline and Revlon All Or Nothing.

For 2016, I will try to make time to do more nail art, because it's something I really enjoy and it stretches my creativity! I also keep meaning to post some tutorials and guides to other nail-related stuff, so I will work on that as well.

Were there any nail art posts from last year that stood out for you? Which on my list has the top spot for you? (PS, you can check out all my old nail art posts by browsing this tag.)

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