Friday, April 24, 2015

PFW Nail Art: Rick Owens Fall 2015

Hi all, it has been quiet here while I temporarily shift my focus to work and school. After next weekend, I'll have roughly two months of freedom before my next module starts, so hopefully I can catch up to that terrifying backlog lurking around...

A little birdie owl named Liz suggested I check out Rick Owens' latest runway collection for my next fashion week nail art look. I have to admit that while it's very captivating visually, I probably wouldn't have chosen this collection myself; the most interesting bits are structural, which is hard to translate into nail art with humble conventional polishes and acrylics. Here are three looks from the collection that I drew inspiration from:

Images source: Vogue UK / composite by me
And here's what I did:
Paris Fashion Week nail art: Rick Owens AW 2015
Just realized this now, but I unintentionally arranged the composite of runway looks in the same order that they appear on my nails...
Polishes used:
  • OPI Alpine Snow (base shade for index and ring fingers)
  • China Glaze Pelican Grey (grey for index and ring fingers)
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Black Out (index and middle fingers)
  • Orly Night Owl (shimmery tan beige for middle finger)
  • Orly Dazzle (silver stripe on middle finger)
  • Orly Luxe (gold detail work and little finger)
I tried to layer Alpine Snow under Pelican Grey to lighten the grey a little bit and it kinda worked, but it had a weird effect of Pelican Grey applying kind of patchy and strangely. I dunno. I didn't think I needed more grey polishes but it looks like I'm missing a very pale gray (the dangers of nail art: you see gaps in your collection that you wouldn't ordinarily notice @__@)

Paris Fashion Week nail art: Rick Owens AW 2015
Some of the models from Rick Owens had a silver or gold metallic mask makeup applied to their faces. I thought this was a really interesting feature and decided to incorporate that textural element in the little finger. I brushed a little bit of white school glue on to the edge of my nail and pressed some very small beads on. After letting it dry, I painted over the entire nail with Orly Luxe and later went back and dabbed more polish on here and there so that the overall look was less like a uniform layer of beads. Vogue UK has close-up photos of the models' faces, but fair warning I actually found them a little unnverving-- the texture effect close-up reminds me of huge flakes of skin peeling off D:

Paris Fashion Week nail art: Rick Owens AW 2015
I really liked the checkered effect of the large sequins (from a distance, they looked like studs) on grey, and went for that look on my ring finger. I would have loved to do this with tiny little square studs, but had to make do freehanding it with Orly Luxe. Again, check out the close-up photos from Vogue UK, because it's really pretty close up.

This set was interesting and challenging; it was a bit out of my comfort zone but of course I'm glad I gave it a shot. I know fashion week is, like, soooo over (what are we all talking about now? Coachella or something?) but I still have a lot to post and am also open to any new suggestions!

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