Saturday, March 14, 2015

NYFW Nail Art: Lela Rose Fall 2015 RTW

More NYFW nail art for you today - this time it's Lela Rose ready-to-wear. This collection is full of gorgeous pieces, a lot of muted greys and creams with splashes of bold colour. This dress really caught my eye though:

image source: Vogue UK
SO PRETTY. Here's my interpretation (all in natural light, yay!)

NYFW Nail Art: Lela Rose Fall 2015 RTW
And it is crazy easy to do. Apply a black polish base, then randomly dot on your three colours (let one colour dry before you start the next!) Seriously, just slap it on with any small art brush you have lying around.

Polishes used:
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Black Out (black base)
  • Orly Sweet Peacock (deep blue foil dots)
  • Essie I'm Addicted (mixed with Alpine Snow for light blue dots)
  • Zoya Jacqueline (buttery yellow dots)
NYFW Nail Art: Lela Rose Fall 2015 RTW
The polishes I picked weren't opaque enough to really stand out against the black base, so I had to go over them a second time. Add to the fact that I wasn't doing this in the best lighting and the result is a little messier than I intended. Essie I'm Addicted is particularly sheer, so I mixed in a little OPI Alpine Snow the second time around to help with the opacity. It would have been amazing if all my colours were foiled like Orly Sweet Peacock to imitate the metallic look of the embroidery.

NYFW Nail Art: Lela Rose Fall 2015 RTW
I recently just viewed a photo of this dress close-up in high resolution and realized that they're not blobs but actually flowers. Oops. At the time, I was just going by a teeny screenshot I had on my phone. I would love to take a more detailed approach to this look again in the future with tiny flowers and a sheer-black to full-black gradient--maybe even incorporate foil papers to really make it stand out *___*

NYFW Nail Art: Lela Rose Fall 2015 RTW
What are you doing this weekend? I'm studying and trying to catch up on #NAFW2015 (it's a fashion week-based nail art challenge!)

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