Monday, March 2, 2015

Steveston in January

One grey, late January afternoon, I set out with MizzJ and Sheila to photograph Steveston with my shiny new telephoto lens. Steveston is a small community in Metro Vancouver with a history as a fishing and canning village. The quaint, small village vibe and fresh seafood sold on the docks has made it pretty touristy, but overcast, cold weather on that day probably kept a lot of would-be visitors away.

Random planter in front of a cafe--this bright purple thing caught my eye right away. I didn't know kale comes in such pretty purple shades. (Obviously, the next place my thoughts went to was purple gradient nails 9__9)

The show Once Upon A Time is filmed in Steveston (it's set in a town called Storybrooke). I used keep up regularly with the show and loved knowing it was filmed locally, but I've fallen behind a bit. Apparently several shops in Steveston have alternate signage for OUAT filming, and this bread shop is one of them. I poked my head in and seriously, bread is all they do. No fancy pastries or croissants, just glorious-smelling bread.

Despite our lofty goals to capture Steveston scenery, we got sucked into this cute shop like the little magpies we are. So many shinies. We spent way too much time inside Nikaido, browsing the paper goods, beauty products, and tea.

I loved the delicate, pretty designs on the entire Library of Flowers collection of fragrances and body care. I've never seen this brand before and must have smelled almost all 12 fragrances. Field & Flowers was one of my favourites. (Note: I did ask for permission first before snapping photos!)

I don't have any photos of their tea area, but they had a really nice selection of house brand loose and bag teas. I have way too much tea already, but I couldn't help picking up some of their loose Fancy Double Bergamot Earl Grey.

Hope you enjoyed this photo post--it's something I'd like to do more often, and it's a nice break from makeup/skin care/nail polish posts!

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