Monday, October 14, 2013

LUSH Halloween 2013

LUSH's limited edition creations for Halloween are here, including two brand new bath inventions (appropriately called Creatures of the Baaaaaath!), and they were too cool/cute to not share!
Lord of Misrule
Lord of Misrule is a new bath bomb inspired by the Feast of Fools, and features patchouli, black pepper oil, and Fair Trade vanilla absolute. People that love little extras in their bath bombs take note! Lord of Misrule releases silver sparkles and fizzles away to reveal a deep wine-coloured centre that holds popping candies. I love the colour and speckles in this photo and wouldn't be surprised if it inspires a future mani--it wouldn't be the first time LUSH has inspired me ;)

Pumkin is the Halloween cousin of popular Mumkin bubble bar. Just like LUSH's Figs and Leaves soap, it's fragranced with ylang ylang, orange flower, and gardenia. With a licorice stem and candy leaf, he fits right in with the Halloween spirit. For such a spooky collection, Pumkin sounds awfully lovely.

Witches' Ball
Witches' Ball bubble bar (which curiously reminds me of the Death Star) is packed with spice and herbal scents: star anise, peppermint oil, sage oil, rosemary oil, parsley, myrrh, gloves, dried cranberries, and dried currants. (Online only)

Twilight shower gel features lots of lavender, vanilla, and ylang ylang for a calming effect to help users unwind before bedtime. Might be the perfect thing to use to help come down from your sugar high :>

Find them now at LUSH online and in store.

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