Friday, August 9, 2013

LUSH Beach Box-Inspired Nails

Hello! It's already August and despite all the gross sweatiness that comes with summer, I'm sad to admit that it'll be over in a blink. That's also about how much time you have to pick up LUSH's limited edition Beach Box ($29.95 CAD).
Beach Box includes full-sized versions of the Sea Vegetable soap and Ocean Salt scrub, as well as minis of Sea Spray hair mist, Dream Cream and Seanik shampoo bar. When I received the set from LUSH, I fell in love right away with the quirky, sea-inspired art all over the recyclable cardboard packaging. I couldn't help but reinterpret it on my nails:
Not exactly my cleanest work, but I'm pretty happy with the results!

The base is Mineral Fusion's Fossil, which is a perfect beige-tan putty and applies gorgeously. I cheated a bit for the art and used acrylic paint for the opacity, which is why the coral has a 3D thing going on.

I'm especially happy with how the shark turned out. The crab is really cute too, but I thought it was a little too ambitious and difficult to fit on a nail.

Before top coat
I'm really proud of what I did and became quite scared about how badly smudged it might become after applying top coat, so I took tons of pictures before cleaning it up and laying on the Seche Vite. Luckily, all that acrylic paint hardly budged, but I kept some pre-top coat pictures anyway; the brushstrokes in the shark and sand dollar are more prominent and kinda interesting.

Stay tuned for my thoughts on the Beach Box set!

This post contains product samples received for consideration.

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