Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 9 of Annabelle #24Days of TwistUp: Flirtini

If you follow me or certain other Canadian beauty bloggers on Instagram, you might have noticed a particular tag going around lately: #24Days.

Canadian brand Annabelle is celebrating the addition of new shades to their TwistUp Retractable Lipstick Crayons (bringing the total to 24 beautiful shades) with 24 Days of TwistUp. Annabelle has invited us all to participate in a scheduled swatch fest running from October 1st to October 24th to show each shade in the lineup.

With the calendar indicating the TwistUp shade of the day, I get to see how the same lipstick crayon can look so different on so many people on a daily basis. It has been an incredibly fun project and an opportunity for me to discover lip colours I never knew I loved wearing.

On the flip side, the first week has been a bit stressful for me: when Annabelle offered me the chance to participate as a sponsored blogger, I accepted almost right away because I already owned Kinky Pink (Day #21) and loved the formula. However, October 1st coincided with a terrible flareup of eczema on my face and around my mouth. Eight days later, I am still trying to bring it under control but it is improving. As a result of the eczema, the quality of my photos so far is not where I would like them to be. Although it is not regular practice for me to edit photos of me to improve the appearance of my skin, I admit that I have edited to remove angry redness, bumps, and white cast from topical creams in Days 6-9 photos.

With all that said, here's my swatch of Day 9's shade, Flirtini:
This is a colour I might have never chosen for myself while shopping, but it's actually my favourite so far! With a name like Flirtini, I had pictured something bright and summery, but instead it's the darker cousin of Day 5 shade Monroe and a beautiful, classic red. Like the other shades I've swatched so far, it's amazingly creamy and glides on the lips without any tugging. Even bf, who wasn't a fan of the previous bold shades, loved this one on me. Once my face is back to normal, I will be wearing Flirtini again and again.

Stay tuned for my recap post of Days 1-9 of TwistUp and how to win your own set of 24 TwistUp crayons tomorrow!

This post contains a sponsored product. I have been sponsored to photograph lip swatches of all 24 TwistUp shades. All opinions are my own.

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