Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sky-high lashes with Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara

You might recognize this sleek black tube from a recent post where I mentioned going on something of a Marcelle spree. Looking for my next new mascara, I went into London Drugs with a friend's recommendation for Annabelle Le Big Show mascara on my mind. Instead I came away with two Marcelle cleansers and Marcelle Xtension Plus mascara. Due to the Marcelle sale, I got to pick out a Marcelle Rouge Xpression lipstick (more about that later) for free! How could I resist?

The mascara wand features a comb-like polymer brush that promises to "extend, define and separate lashes" with "no clumping or flaking". The wand has a bit of a secret unless you give the box a closer look. Until I did, I didn't realize that one of the rows of teeth on the wand is longer than the rest. The longer row is intended to give the option of lengthening your lashes even more than the rest of the brush offers. Since my lashes need as much help as they can get, I always use the longer row. I find it by holding the brush at eye-level horizontally and slowly turning the wand, I can spot the long row quickly.

Moving on to action shots (big close-up pictures of my eyeball ahead)--

Naked lashes, curled
With Marcelle Xtension Plus mascara, curled again
Okay, it's not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison because the after picture is taken from a lower angle, but it just shows the mascara off so much better. For my stick-straight lashes, the curling power of Xtension Plus isn't great. Possibly it works better as a curling mascara if your lashes have a bit of a natural curl? After applying the mascara and letting it dry, I gently squeeze a curler along my lashes and it holds the curl fairly well after that. Rather than lengthening and curling, I would say this mascara is best for lengthening and defining.

Oh hi there lashes
The fact that my lashes are visible from this distance is huge for me. Xtension Plus is currently my go-to everyday mascara. One coat will lengthen my lashes clump-free and instantly makes me look brighter and more awake. A second coat will add even more length and volume to lashes but does clump a bit, so a handy clean spoolie or lash comb is a must. I've noticed some flaking with a second coat, but one coat is perfect for a natural but defined look.

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