Friday, July 20, 2012

Preview: LUSH Emotional Brilliance

For me, LUSH products have always been about pampering and feeling great about yourself, so it's no surprise that their new line of vegan colour cosmetics, Emotional Brilliance, is no ordinary makeup range. I had the opportunity to preview Emotional Brilliance at the newly-renovated Robson location in Vancouver and check out the upcoming liquid lipsticks, liquid eyeliners and cream eyeshadows, as well as face powders, tints, and mascara.

Emotional Brilliance is a collection that is all about wearing the colours that will help shape your behaviour--products have names such as Wise, Calm, and Vibrant. The company worked with a strategic behavioural therapist, who specializes in changing attitudes, to carefully choose the words to suit each shade. Feeling unsure of yourself today? Swipe on Decisive, a bold red, to change your mood for the better. The power of the words associated with the shades you choose to wear can help focus or shift your perspective.

The shadows, liners, and lipsticks ($22.95) are all packaged in small glass bottles with black caps reminiscent of droppers. Liners come with a fine-tipped brush, while liquid lipsticks and shadows come with a doe-foot applicator. True to established products such as the solid shampoo bars and Toothy Tabs, LUSH has designed Emotional Brilliance to minimize packaging or use recyclable materials. The bottles are glass, so they can be recycled easily or repurposed after you have used up the product. Emptied black pots that once contained LUSH facial masks were recycled to become the black caps. The brush wands are not nearly as long as cosmetics from other companies, which also reduces the amount of material that goes into the packaging.

Swatched: eyeliners and eyeshadow
Since the products all have the same packaging, I would pick up a bottle expecting it to be a shadow (ex. the peachy-gold) and open it to find a fine liner brush inside. I can't remember any of the names except for the pretty shimmery taupe shadow (Sophisticated), and gorgeous antique gold liner (Fantasy). After I swatched those two, I forgot everything else as I was overcome with a wave of holy crap I need both of you in my life right now.

Eyes Right Mascara
The packaging for Eyes Right mascara ($18.95) looks just like the eye makeup and lipsticks, but with a standard mascara bristle brush. The wand is quite short and will probably need some practice to get used to it. This is promised to be "good for your lashes" due to the inclusion of wheatgrass to condition lashes.

Translucent Face Powder
The Translucent Powder  ($18.95) is a loose powder for setting foundation or worn alone to even skin tone. The formula includes jojoba oil to soften and protect skin.

Skin Tints: Feeling Younger / Charisma
Swatched: Charisma / Feeling Younger
Skin Tints ($18.95) are available in Feeling Younger, a light-reflecting cream that can be used as a highlighter, and Charisma, intended to give a warm glowy bronzed look. Both can be mixed with a LUSH Colour Supplement, moisturizer, or other makeup base. The formula features ingredients to nourish the skin, such as almond and jojoba oils, as well as cocoa butter.
A fun feature of the night was a chance to discover your psychological needs through a colour game with a spinning table of colours from the collection. As the wheel spun, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, then opened my eyes and picked out the three colours that stood out to me most. The first, symbolizing my strength or weakness was In Charge, a rich medium blue eyeliner. Bubbly, a bright pink-coral liquid lipstick, symbolizes a subconscious need. Last was Sophisticated, the lovely aforementioned taupe cream eyeshadow, symbolizing my talent, which I need in order to fulfill my subconscious need. Pretty interesting, right? The colour game will be available online and in-store so you can find out your three colours too.

Bonus: while guests played with makeup, Anthony and Dan mixed an Ayesha fresh face mask right before our eyes. Among other things, this mask is made with kiwi and asparagus to tighten and refresh skin.

Emotional Brilliance will be hitting stores tomorrow, July 21st, so you won't have to wait long to see this new line for yourself!

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