Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Empties #3

Hello! Things have been even quieter than usual around here as I've just started classes and a new job unexpectedly in the same week! I have a quick empties post today, but I promise cool nail art and lip stuff is coming :D

Let's just pretend everything here is in focus, okay?
Sephora Natural Vitamin C + E Blotting Papers - These thin tissue blotting papers were basically everything I am looking for in a blotting paper: powderless, tissue is not too thick, and one sheet is large enough to blot my dry/sensitive skin without going back for a second sheet. Sephora has discontinued these, but I've found a perfectly good replacement in the Sephora Herbal Rose Blotting Papers.

LUSH Celestial Facial Moisturizer - I think this one is #3? LUSH Celestial is an absolutely essential product for me because it is basically 99% responsible for managing the eczema around my mouth. I keep one at home, one at bf's place, and also a little bit in a sample container for my purse.

Marcelle Oil-Free Eye Make-up Remover Pads - I got this as a GWP with some other Marcelle makeup removing product and was pleasantly surprised! The pads are not scratchy and do a good job of taking off whatever eye makeup my cleanser has missed (FYI I don't usually wear heavy eye makeup though.) I kept this jar at bf's place since it's easier and takes up less space than a remover and facial cottons. I liked the effectiveness and convenience enough that I ordered another one during Marcelle's 40% Cyber Monday sale.

Marcelle Essentials Gentle Make-up Remover For Sensitive Eyes - I love this stuff. This is a bi-phase makeup remover, meaning the oily ingredients tend to separate from the watery stuff (much science explanation, I know) so it needs a good shake before pouring out into a cotton pad. Remember my love letter to Marcelle Soothing Cleansing Water? This is the stuff I use to take off waterproof makeup, which Cleansing Water (now called Micellar Water) sometimes struggles with. Makeup comes off in a flash and it never stings my eyes.

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Cream Body Scrub - I really love me a good peach-scented product. This scrub has an awesome fresh peach scent and gives a satisfyingly rough scrub-down. I have a second tub that I'm saving for when I feel extra crocodile-y.

Parissa Brow Groomer Wax Strips (for men) - I found these on clearance at Shoppers, and since I liked the Parissa Brow Shaper Strips (targeted for women) so much, I figured it wouldn't hurt to try the men's version. Much regret, because I wish I had bought up the entire clearance stock of them! I think they were like $2 or $3 a box and basically the same as the brow shaper strips, except the rectangles of wax were wider and had a thicker layer of wax. Since they were wider, I cut the strips in half lengthwise so I was able to double the number of strips! It doesn't come with a vial of azulene oil but I have 2 or 3 hanging around anyway from previous Brow Shaper boxes.

Beauty Rush lip glosses - I am too embarrassed to admit how long these lip glosses have been taking up prime real estate in my makeup collection. If you look closely, one of them still has the seal on it! These are the glosses they tempt you with at the bra store while you wait in line, and it's buy 4 or 5 for $x. I kept putting off tossing them because the texture and smell were still perfectly fine, but I finally came to terms with the fact that I haven't used them in years and probably never will, so out they went. I distinctly remember the second from the left one was my absolute favourite because it had a perfectly tart pink lemonade scent.

Essie Flirt nail polish - This was a gift from an aunt a few years ago back before I got into nail polish, so unfortunately it didn't get a ton of use. It was a bright pink coral, but it's totally dried out beyond repair now. I'm not too sad to dispose of it since I have a few other very close matches--namely Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in Pocket Aces, Clinique Summer in the City, and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Peachy Breeze.

Time to start filling up my little David's Tea bag with empties again! What are some products you've finished off lately?

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