Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An ominous owl

Hello! I've been sitting on this Halloween-themed nail art for about a week and figure it's about time to share. I'm actually a huge wuss when it comes to scary stuff--lately I've been seeing cool tutorials for spiders and eyeballs but it's not my style (hate spiders, find clusters of eyeballs unsettling.) Instead I have a vaguely Halloween-y/fall nail art with elements I enjoy painting much more :>

My ominous owl is sitting on a creeeeepy tree silhouetted by the spooky moon.. or something. I used orange nail polish from Metropolis at Metrotown's Pop Up Nail Bar and acrylic paints. I would have liked to use a more accessible orange nail polish, but this is the only truly orange, Halloween-appropriate polish I have--the others lean a bit peachy or coral. Covergirl Glosstini in Orange Oasis, Color Club Koo-Koo Cachoo, and Zoya Thandie seem to be good options.

The orange is a bit off here--first photo is more colour-accurate!
This nail look is incredibly easy to do. I love painting spindly, knobby tree branches and they're so beginner-friendly because they don't need a super steady hand. In fact, it might turn out extra cool with a slightly shaky hand. To do this look, you need to first paint on your base colour (if you don't have orange, try a deep red or purple!). Next, add your moon in a pale, buttery yellow. Use a sheer pale yellow or white going around the moon to imitate a "glow". I also meant to go back in and shade in craters but forgot. Paint in your tree trunk, and then branches with a fine brush. Add an oval blob and paint little ears on for your owl. Lastly, use a dotting tool and use the same polish as the moon to dot in the eyes. Let everything thoroughly dry before applying your top coat and you're set!

What do you think of my ominous owl? What Halloween-themed nail looks have you been loving?

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