Friday, January 4, 2013

China Glaze High Def

Naturally, my first post of 2013 will be a nail polish post ;)

China Glaze High Def is from the 2011 Tronica collection featuring all holographic shimmer polishes. The blues in my collection tend to fall into navy, bright blue, or dusty blue territory, so this deep periwinkle shade really stands out. This is what I mean by polishes that look different in the bottle than on the nail, by the way: it applies lighter and periwinkle-ier than the bottle colour suggests.

Compared to butter London's All Hail The Queen, the holographic shimmer is more prominent and the "rainbow effect" is more visible when looking at it under bright light.

Here's a super bright flash picture so you can see the rainbow-ness more easily! For a serious holo rainbow though, check out swatches of the China Glaze OMG collection (swatch post from Scrangie here). I'm not big on super holographic polishes like OMG, so High Def is just right for me.

Tell me your favourite holo polishes in the comments! :>

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