Wednesday, September 30, 2015

From Summer

Right now I am probably doing some frantic last-minute packing before I'm off to Hawaii! Since we'll be very well into fall by the time I'm back, best to share some random snapshots about my summer now before the weather gets even cooler.

I went to the beach. I haven't been to any of the beaches at Stanley Park in years. I can't remember the last time I had my toes in the sand or waded in the ocean. It was a gorgeous day and the sea breeze made a disgustingly hot day way better.

Bf wearing my floppy white sun hat. I can almost hear myself badgering him about sun protection now.
This was a trail leading from our crappy parking spot to the beach. Looking back at the photos now makes me feel bad for not getting out and appreciating how beautiful Vancouver is.

I made lots of popsicles. I paid like $5 each for some good ~~artisanal~~ popsicles a couple times early in the summer before I realized I should really just make my own. Like green tea latte (above), Thai iced tea, and a strawberry and basil one that people said sounded weird until they tried it.

My brother got married; my stress levels skyrocketed. I was sometimes de facto wedding planner/decorator, sympathetic ear, tour guide for out-of-town family, etc while an upcoming final exam loomed. I was/am really happy for my brother and sister-in-law and that I could help them towards the wedding they hoped for, but holy crap the timing of the stuff going on in my life in July sucked. In a haze of sleep deprivation/stress/general moodiness, I decorated their wedding cake and I'm ridiculously proud of it.

They were getting a plain white cake and originally asked me to just find some ribbon to add to the tiers. Later I volunteered to DIY a simple floral topper. Later, my SIL mentioned she really liked wedding cakes with the cascading florals, so I decided to try to make that happen for her.

Thankfully I had my cousin's help, who worked on the topper and arranged the small bunches of flowers, because I ended up 100% focused on this cascading flower thing. I was so laser focused that I literally do not remember anything else about the venue decorating that went on around me during this time. It is held up by tape and wire, seriously.

Afterwards, I crammed for my exam for three days and read about 400 pages of textbook material. Ended up acing it after much worrying.

???, Bite Sugared Maple, Milani lipstick in Sangria, MAC Fashion Revival, Revlon Matte Colorburst in Shameless
I became obsessed with Bite Sugared Maple. Like, visiting Sephora multiple times to look at it, swatch it, ponder it. Canada sometimes just doesn't get certain stuff at all, so a Canada-exclusive collection in my favourite lipstick shade was kind of a big deal. I finally swatched it and carefully drove home and swatched a few things from my collection next to it. Decided it was pretty close to everything else and to let it go. I feel mostly happy about not caving to my desire to have ALL THE THINGS, but secretly wondering a little if I'll regret it later.

Thanks for making it through all my rambling! (My fish say hello, by the way.) How was your summer?

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