Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Crafty: Excel gum donut

I love the Excel Gum commercials. The cartoon donut, garlic, onion, and coffee make bad breath look pretty adorable. My brother and I especially love the donut--he's just so derpy and sweet (literally and figuratively!) Since I've started getting more into crochet, I promised to crochet him the little guy.

Here's one of the commercials, and the one I used as a reference when deciding proportion and how to construct the arms and legs.

Here he is! He came out pretty well if I do say so myself, although the colours are a bit off because I just used the closest matching yarn I had stashed. The icing has photographed as this eye-searing neon magenta, but the colour is more like a brightened pink (Loops & Threads Impeccable in Arbor Rose).

**warning crochet nerd talk** I used this pattern as a general guide for the donut part. Arms and legs were a result of tooling around so I have no idea how I made them if you ask me now. I ended up doing the icing in my own way in the round because I didn't want to have to sew it up after working it in rows. If I had to do it again, I would try to work the donut part in the round as well; I hated having to sew it up lengthwise into the donut shape and then sewing the ends to complete the circle. The eyes are 11mm black safety eyes (due to having to go through two layers of crochet, the eyes sink into the body a little more than I wanted.)

Our matching icing ;) wearing Annabelle TwistUp in Plump It Up. Seriously, he's really not this neon pink in person.

Detail shot of his little thumb
Although he can't quite sit up on his own, my brother is pretty happy with him too--I hear he has a home in the entertainment console at his place :D

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