Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pineapples & polka dots

I had so much fun doing my summer watermelon nails that I've developed a slight fixation on fruity nail art. Even though summer is basically over (it's quite rainy in Vancouver right now), I still have lots of ideas for fruit-inspired nail art and will be painting away! Today's post is pineapple nail art look with white polka dots against punchy, tropical base colours.

Pineapples & polka dots nail art
Direct natural light
Honestly, these freaking pineapples took me forever, but I'm very pleased with the results. Here's the breakdown of the polishes used:

Clinique 70° and Sunny provided the bright, happy yellow for my pineapples and yellow polka dot base. Isn't it just perfect? The brush on Clinique polishes have a good firmness to it, which made it possible for me to paint on the basic oval shape for the pineapples without using a separate nail art brush.

Clinique Hula Skirt is a grassy, yellow-leaning green that is spot-on for my pineapple leaves (spikes? stem?), painted on with a very fine brush. I also used it for my little finger.

I used my new favourite white creme, OPI Alpine Snow, for the polka dots and as the background for my pineapples. Lastly, I painted on the criss-crossed lines on the pineapples with Nails Inc Basil Street (see this post for swatches). I think Basil Street was the right choice colour-wise, but it was a complete pain because the polish itself is a bit sheer. As my little blob of polish started to dry on my palette, the polish got goopier and darker, resulting in some variations in colour and line thickness between some pineapples.

Pineapples & polka dots nail art
Indirect light
I can totally understand why some nail artists choose to work mainly with acrylic paints. By design, nail polishes dry quickly, so the blobs I'm working with get goopy and unworkable very quickly (wasted product), and I'm constantly going back and forth dabbing new blobs on to my palette. Maybe it's just my stubbornness, but I'm still trying to use nail polishes whenever possible; I think it's neat to see polish translated into tiny little paintings.

Secret: I am so lazy about doing nail art on my left (dominant hand); sometimes my right hand is totally done up and I leave my left hand plain with just base colour. I figure I should get better at using both hands, so here's a bonus photo to show my attempts. Way messier than the right, but kinda better than I expected.

How was your Labour Day weekend? What fruits/foods should I take on next?

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