Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Zoya Evvie

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post! With a new job to adjust to, family events, and enjoying the gorgeous weather (one of the nicest, rain-free summers on record!), blogging kind of took a back seat. I have a backlog of photos to edit and post and products to share with you, including Zoya Evvie, which was among the three polishes I picked up earlier this year during the "3 Free" sale.

Okay, Evvie is not exactly poolside material, but with all the Fall collection previews popping up, you were ready to see some moody, dark polish anyway, right? (It's a big backlog...)

Zoya Evvie's smoky green-grey creme goodness would look perfectly at home on the fingertips of a skiier/snowboarder/socialite relaxing by the fire in a cozy Whistler chalet. It just looks really chic--no surprise, since it's a part of Zoya's NYFW Peter Som collection. I think it can come across a little more blue-green on cooler skin tones, but on me it's very much a green tone. It's 100% unique in my collection (unlike its sister, Zoya Ciara, ahem) and there doesn't seem to be a close dupe to it.

What could make this effortlessly stylish shade even cooler? The answer is always glitter. In this case, American Apparel Meteor Shower. The shredded, uneven gold glitter adds a little extra edge to any mani and pairs particularly well with the green in Evvie. I received a lot of compliments on this combination and would definitely do it again.

(These photos were taken before I started learning to shoot my camera in manual mode, so I know the colours are not the same. The first photo is more colour-accurate.)

What's the first polish you'll reach for when Fall arrives?

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