Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Zinio Digital Subscription Giveaway!

Hi all! Last week, I mentioned that I had a cool giveaway coming up, and here it is :D I'm happy to share that Zinio is offering me a chance to give away several digital magazine subscriptions to readers.

Zinio is a digital magazine subscription service that offers tons of titles across many genres including Elle, Allure, Popular Science, National Geographic, and Vogue, available to read on your computer, tablet, phone, or Kindle Fire. They also offer free articles/snippets from many of their magazines (check out the one of flawless Diane Kruger in Flare this month!), as well as daily, weekly, and monthly deals.

I chose to receive an issue of Digital Photographer magazine to check out the service for myself, and I was actually really impressed! I accessed my issue from my desktop computer, iPad, and Android phone and liked the easy-to-use interface (demo video here), which also allowed me to download the issue to my phone to read later so I don't use my data. I know a lot of people prefer to read from a physical book or magazine (I'm kind of one of them), but I realized there are some solid benefits to going digital:
  1. You don't have to find a place to store them on your overcrowded bookshelf (ahem.)
  2. You can access it whenever, as long as you have a computer/phone/tablet around. My friend mentioned he was thinking about buying a Canon EOS 60D DSLR, and coincidentally, my issue of Digital Photographer had a review for it. Instead of promising to bring him the magazine sometime and probably forgetting it again and again, I opened my Zinio app on my phone so he could read it right there.
  3. It's cheaper. Not only are you getting savings through print costs, but possibly postage too. If you're Canadian, you probably know how shocking the added shipping and handling is for a subscription to some American magazines. Sometimes the S&H costs more than the subscription itself! Digital Photographer is an UK-based magazine and is already kinda pricy due to the content, but it's an extra £28 (£80 total) for a Canadian.
As you can tell, I'm very pleased with my experience with Zinio so far and would buy subscriptions or single issues with them in the future.

Are you convinced yet? Here's how to win a free subscription from Zinio to any magazine in their inventory:
  • Check out Zinio's inventory of titles and comment telling me which magazine you are most interested in receiving (1 entry)
  • Tweet "I just entered to win a Zinio digital magazine subscription from @dowantmakeup http://bit.ly/ZlCxFO" or some variation that includes this post link and mentions @dowantmakeup (1 entry)
  • Anybody that has previously commented (non-spammingly) on any post since I moved to Blogspot has automatically received one entry total as a thank you for reading!

I have ten nine (sorry everyone, I'm taking one for myself >:) ) subscriptions to give away to any readers out there. Any one person may only win one subscription maximum. This giveaway ends on April 26, 2013 and winners will be contacted shortly afterwards.

In the meantime, check out the April deals on Zinio here--50% off on over 50 titles :>

To be clear, I requested a trial and received two digital magazine issues because I did not want to offer a giveaway for a service I have not tried or would not personally use. I have ten subscriptions to give away but am choosing to keep one for myself. I am receiving no other compensation for this post and all the enthusiasm that comes across in this post is because I genuinely like using Zinio. 

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