Thursday, April 4, 2013

The view from Iona Beach

Hope you all had a great (long, if applicable) weekend! Things have been a little quiet lately due to working on some behind-the-scenes, boring blog-related stuff and also day job work stuff. In Vancouver we were enjoying some amazingly beautiful weather--not a cloud in the sky! The weather's gone back to normal northwest coast drizzliness; I thought I'd share some photographs I took at Iona Beach while I wait for the sun to come back.

Iona Beach is a regional park not too far away from Vancouver International Airport. Aside from plane-watching, what makes it such a cool place to visit is the huge sewage pipe (no wait keep reading). There is a gravel trail next to and on top of the pipe, which extends over 4km out into the ocean.

You get an amazing, unobstructed view of the sky, ocean, and mountains with the occasional plane flying close. I saw a lot of people there getting some ocean air, whether on foot, on a bike, or with dogs.

It was also a great chance for bf and I to play with our camera on manual mode and get some interesting photos in the process.

Actually, I'm not sure this is a very well-known spot in Vancouver; I only just heard about it very recently from somebody. There are no fancy attractions here--it's really about the fresh air and the view. I noticed people with some pretty serious photography equipment for capturing the view, the planes, and the birds.

If you are from Greater Vancouver/planning to visit, it is a great place to spend two or three hours. You drive as if you were going to the airport, but eventually you hit a point where you continue straight to go to the terminal or follow the signs to turn off to go to Templeton St/Iona Beach. Then it's a long-ish road until you reach the park and lots of cars in the (free!) parking areas.

I wasn't able to finish walking the entire length of the trail! It's actually pretty cold and windy and only gets moreso the further out you go. Iona Beach was an impromptu trip after dim sum in Richmond, so I wasn't dressed very warmly. My ears were super cold (see above) and my hands were starting to go numb D:

It's really quite lovely out there. I've been back since then (wearing a thick hoodie) and have more photos to share in a future post. I will also be posting an interesting giveaway soon, so stay tuned please and thanks :>

Do you have any cool, not-so-popular places to visit in your city?

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