Thursday, November 22, 2012

butter London Wallis

If my last butter London post hasn't convinced you yet, let me introduce you to the finishing blow. Wallis is named after Wallis Simpson, an American socialite who married the former King Edward VIII. It's "former king" because a consort with two living ex-husbands was pretty scandalous at the time (it might be even now), so Edward was forced to abdicate the throne to be with her (source). A great deal of mystery and rumor surrounded her, inspiring a glimmering, metallic, dark olive-gold that basically sings fall/winter. It has a glow and a mystery to it that keep you staring. It's beautiful and really, the glow part is important to emphasize.

Application is smooth and opaque in two coats. What's especially nice is that it's also missing the streakiness that sometimes comes with metallic polishes.

There's nothing at all like it in my collection. On first glance, I thought it might be close to Rimmel Rags to Riches, but I realized I was way off after comparing swatches. Although also metallic, Rags to Riches has much less gold and is cooler-toned. I have heard whispers of a dupe in Forever XXI's Love and Beauty house brand, but otherwise it seems to be a very unique polish.

Conveniently, I've just found out through Nouveau Cheap that on Black Friday (November 23), butter London is offering Wallis free with any orders over $50 using the code celebrate12. (Is that the walls of your resistance I hear crumbling?)

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