Wednesday, November 7, 2012

butter London Pillar Box Red

With my nail polish collection having grown at a somewhat frightening rate, it's a little surprising that I haven't bought a proper red creme until butter London's Pillar Box Red. Whether it's lipstick, clothing, or nail polish, red exists in my mind as that super-sexy, bold femme fatale (all things which I am not) colour that I shy away from. On my nails, I'll wear deep navy that skirts on the borders of black, bright metallic green, gold glitter, and so on, but red polish is like this weird final frontier.

Of course, the fact Pillar Box Red applied so beautifully smooth and just so, well, buttery, helped distract me from my red hang-ups. This is the first butter London I've ever tried, and I can honestly say I'm in deep trouble, guys. I was in shock mid-stroke with how fantastic the formula is. The size of the brush also happens to fit the curve of my cuticle perfectly. Basically, I can never go back to a time when I could resist paying $17 CAD for a nail polish, knowing what I know now.

The tomato red quality of Pillar Box Red has a brightness that makes it look fresh and not at all moody like I had expected. Although it doesn't seem to get as much love as its sister, Come To Bed Red, comparison swatches I've seen make them look almost identical. Come To Bed Red is possibly a bit deeper, but if someone swapped my bottle, I might not even know it. I really like this colour and spent a lot of time admiring it, but I think I still couldn't shake my thing about wearing red. I couldn't feel 100% comfortable wearing it, although even bf said that it "suited my skin tone" >ω<

Do you love red polishes, or do you have some kind of hang-up about them like me?

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