Monday, June 25, 2018

Daisy floral nail art

Daisy floral nail art Essie nail polish
I had a super productive period for a few weeks where I was doing a lot of time-consuming, intricate nail art, but after that I needed a little break. Something a little easier, no-symmetry-required, less "ohnoohnoyou'llscrewthisupifyoubreathewrong"

Daisy floral nail art Essie nail polish
The result, or what I called my "palate cleanser nail art": some simple floral nails and dots. The daisies and dots were freehanded with a fine-pointed brush, and inspired in part by chalkboardnails' extreeemely teeny-tiny daisies.

Daisy floral nail art Essie nail polish
Lately with school going on, I haven't had much time to do more complicated nail art. Plus I can't seem to find my acrylic paint set - it's nice to be able to say something is painted with 100% nail polish, but honestly it is a total pain. Acrylic paints are way more flexible and don't dry on my palette as quickly. If you have any cool ideas for nail art, send them my way!

Polishes used:
  • Essie Chills & Thrills (dusty medium blue)
  • Ceramic Glaze Pure (white)
  • Essie Serial Shopper (orange-coral)

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