Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lazy summer wear

Hello, new favourite summer find: lululemon's Salty Swim dress is intended as a swim cover up, but I took one look at its low armholes and drapey, criss-cross back, and thought, yup I am going to live in you this summer. It was on sale when I picked it up and it's not available anymore though (sorry!)

It's so lightweight and breezy. I'm wearing an aerie bikini top underneath since the low cut of the arm holes and back exposes quite a bit of whatever I choose to wear underneath. It works out anyway; I wear bikini tops a lot in the summer instead of proper bras because sweating in a bra feels super gross.

This is my lazy person's summer outfit; I am a lazy person. Most of the time I don't even do up the buckles on the straps of my sandals--I just let them flap around while I walk. I'm going to Hawaii in October and will probably be throwing this dress/hat/bikini/bag on a lot, both on and off the beach.

By the way, tons of blackberries along that path in the park. A lot of them were out of reach (too high up/too deep into the prickly bushes) or guarded by spiders (it's a miracle I didn't run away crying). I am bad at picking blackberries and most of the ones I picked were sour D:

It's almost the end of August! Go to the beach, go swimming at the lake, do all the things you promised yourself you'd do before the weather cools down!

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