Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nails Inc Victoria

Just a quick nail post today before I get back to studying and editing lip photos! I don't have many Nails Inc polishes, but the ones I do own (here, here, and here) have proven to be total knockouts. Imagine my surprise and delight when I spied Nails Inc polishes on clearout at Shoppers Drug Mart at 50% off, from $11 CAD to $5.50! I initially grabbed Victoria because in low light it looked like Black Taxi (a black creme), but ended up buying it anyway because I didn't have a shade quite like this.

Nails Inc Victoria swatches
Nails Inc polishes have yet to disappoint me. Victoria (not to be confused with Queen Victoria Street, a totally different Nails Inc shade) is a deep oxblood jelly that applies easily and smoothly. As a jelly polish, it needs 3 coats for good coverage. The consistency is thinner and runnier than I expected, so I accidentally flooded my cuticles more than once. This is easy to avoid if you angle your nails with the tips slightly downward during application to prevent the polish from flowing upwards towards the cuticles.

Nails Inc Victoria swatches
I love Victoria's moody, deep vibe; it's such a classic shade for fall/winter. I don't like wearing straight-up plain black polish on my nails (personal preference), so I keep a few almost-black options around.

Nails Inc Victoria swatches
I've checked a couple locations, but so far I've only seen Nails Inc stocked at the Metropolis at Metrotown Shoppers, so I'm not sure if the promotion is store-specific or not. Be sure to call your local store to confirm the stock and check if they are also doing a clearout. Last time I checked, Metropolis Shoppers still had quite a bit of stock.

When was the last time you spotted a beauty deal too good to pass up?

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