Tuesday, March 4, 2014

30 Random Things

I've been watching this "50 Random Things About Me" tag floating around and thinking there's no way I could manage 50 thing about myself. Then the always-lovely Liz tagged me with a much more manageable 30, so here we are now.

1. I really enjoy writing things by hand. I'd much rather plan my days with an agenda calendar than through my phone, although the latter is definitely more convenient.

2. I don't watch supernatural horror films. On the other hand, Texas Chainsaw Massacre-type gory stuff, while not my fave, won't keep me up at night.

3. I spend a lot of time reading manga/Japanese comics. I prefer it over anime because the artwork tends to be much more detailed and the story has better pacing. My taste is pretty varied but Full Metal Alchemist is one of my hands-down, all-time favourites.

4. I'm currently collecting the Kodansha re-release of Sailor Moon manga/eagerly anticipating the Sailor Moon anime reboot coming this summer.

5. I believe (almost) all food could benefit from being spicy or sour--in some cases, both!

6. Although the eczema around my mouth is by far my most stubborn, difficult-to-manage case, I've had eczema all my life in some way or another: on the inside of my arms, which went away when I got older, and behind my ears, which started in my childhood and pops up periodically even now.

7. I don't remember this but I hear that as a kid, I was obsessed with The Little Mermaid and always wanted to watch our VHS copy. The only part I remember is a deep fear of Ursula, the sea witch who I had nightmares about, that followed me well into my double-digit years. I finally got over it when I had to kill her playing Kingdom Hearts. Very cathartic.

8. As a kid, my dream career was to be a writer.

9. I've been working towards folding 1,000 cranes off and on for the past several years. I'm up to 433 right now.

10. I find being around unfamiliar people very difficult and I think people usually mistake my awkwardness for something else. Once I get to know someone, I'm talkative and crack a lot of jokes, but many people I'm friends with today tell me that they initially thought I was really standoffish. My boyfriend is a very approachable, friendly person; I truly believe being with him has made me a much less shy person.

11. I spend too much time playing video games. My favourite genre is RPGs, but I like turn-based strategy and side-scrollers too. After years of shunning them, I've also recently gained an appreciation for shooters like Dead Space and Borderlands. Games I've been playing recently are XCOM, Pandora's Tower, and Heroes VI, but my all-time favourites include Final Fantasy 4 and Final Fantasy Tactics. Real-time strategy games are stressful to me.

12. After high school, I spent a few years working on an entrance portfolio for a fashion design program/studying fashion marketing before I decided it wasn't right for me and I changed to something else. I know my way around a sewing machine and can put together a decent skirt.

13. I am chronically dehydrated and always was, even as a kid. One of my new year's resolutions is to be better at drinking water, so I've started sleeping with a water bottle next to my bed and taking a long drink when I wake up.

14. I don't like the dark. I still sleep with a night light, although normal people would call it a table lamp.

15. I'm a crafty/DIY type, and I guess it runs in my family on my mom's side. Aside from all the sewing, I've been knitting for about 7 years and recently have been working at getting better with crochet. I'd like to learn how to cross-stitch too.

16. I really enjoy the doge meme. Maybe too much.

17. I am definitely a night owl.

18. Caffeine has no effect on me. I'm very clueless to the concerns of friends who can't go out for a late-night bubble tea because they won't be able to fall asleep later. It's great because I can enjoy a big cup of Earl Grey before bedtime, but I also have no way of perking myself up if I'm having a groggy day.

19. I do love tea though. One of my favourite drinks is a London Fog (Earl Grey tea latte with vanilla syrup). My friends all know I'm a big DAVIDsTEA fan--my cabinets at home and at work are stocked full of their teas.

20. I am left-handed now but was ambidextrous when I was young. I still use my non-dominant hand probably more than most people do. (For the record, I knit and crochet like a righty.)

21. I have surprisingly good self-control when it comes to buying stuff like clothes and makeup. I usually buy makeup only after some thought/research; I almost never make impulse purchases for makeup.

22. On the flip side, I'm a really bad procrastinator. The spring cleaning I started last year still hasn't finished :x

23. I was born in year of the Rabbit--or in Vietnamese zodiac, year of the Cat. I've been receiving cat-themed stuff as gifts from family for a long time, and I collect small rabbit and cat things. I feel like I have a special soft spot for cats partly because of my birth year (and partly because they're so cuddly and lovely).

24. I had absolutely zero interest in nail polish until maybe three years ago, and now my blog and my room is full of nail polish stuff. Funny how some things work out.

25. I wasn't into the dark lip look on me until last year, when I was swatching the Annabelle TwistUp lip crayon range. Now I love themmmm. I want ALL the vampy lips.

26. I'm really diligent about moisturizing my face, but I'm awful when it comes to the rest of my body. I secretly sport alligator skin-legs most of the year. I only bother to slather some lotion on during summer when my legs will be publicly exposed.

27. I'm terrible at de-cluttering because I have a hard time throwing stuff away, either because of some perceived sentimental value, or a sense of "wait this could be useful in x years!" I've gotten a lot better though.

28. I know all the words to Sir Mix-a-lot's Baby Got Back.

29. I have a terrible sense of direction. In the couple years when I drove around without a smartphone or GPS, I would get lost all the time, but as a result I'm pretty good at reading maps.

30. I am a big over-thinker. About almost everything. It goes hand-in-hand with my perfectionism. This article summarizes it pretty well.

And that's 30! Hopefully that was somewhat interesting. I invite anybody interested to try in sharing 30 random things about themselves too!

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