Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Revlon by Marchesa Crown Jewels 3D Jewel Appliques

I'm back with another Revlon by Marchesa nail applique for you to lust after! Crown Jewels is one of the eight designs released in this gorgeous collaboration between Revlon and fashion brand Marchesa.

Crown Jewels features two-tone gold in an almost floral pattern, studded with small white crystals. Unlike Evening Garnet, which provides full nail coverage, each applique in Crown Jewels has a clear portion, allowing a base colour of your choice to peek through. Some of the appliques in the set have the design stretching down along the sides, creating a "window" to your base colour (you can kind of see them above in the box.) I went through my nail swatch sticks to figure out a colour that would pair well with the luxurious vibe of this set.

I ended up with Layla Pro N.15 (Purple Vamp), a rich, eggplant purple. Gold and purple together are such a regal combo, and this deep shade makes the gold tones and white crystals stand out even more for a beautiful fall nail look.

I realized afterwards that Revlon promo images for this set show the gold part set on the tip of the nail instead of the base. To me, it made more sense to place them on the base because a) the gold design won't suffer from tip wear (see: pinky nail) and b) I would have to neatly trim the clear end to make sure the applique is just the right length that the gold part hits the tip of my nail.

Speaking of the clear end, I'm not a fan. It slightly alters the finish of the base colour underneath, and can wrinkle like it did on my ring finger. I would have preferred if the applique was cut in the shape of the design, with small clear bits here and there to hold the crystals. This would also make it easier to place the applique on the nail tip if you wanted it that way. Overall though, this is a just a small annoyance compared to the intricate, luxe design that the set offers.

What nail polish colour would you wear under Crown Jewels?

Available at London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart: ~$8.95 CAD

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