Friday, February 22, 2013

China Glaze Creative Fantasy & Gold Glitter

China Glaze Creative Fantasy Orly Luxe Sally Girl 812070
I've been a fan of Chelsea King's nail art ever since I first found her Instagram account: she's incredibly creative and can take inspiration from anything. And she makes short nails look so chic instead of sad and stubbly! She does some very cool glitter placement nail art (see here and here) that inspired me to try some of my own. I must have been in an experimenting mood, because I decided to try a gold-purple Ruffian on my ring finger as well! It turned out pretty well, I think.

A friend gifted me China Glaze Creative Fantasy from the Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away collection (after seeing the lack of purples in my swatch collection post, I suspect.) It's a grape purple jelly that dries to a curiously rubber-look finish, which I topped with a glossy layer of Seche Vite. Because it's a jelly, it still won't be properly opaque even with three coats. The purple is noticeably deeper on the ring finger because I used a layer of one-coater wonder Orly Luxe underneath the purple for the Ruffian nail. Overall, I found Creative Fantasy a bit difficult to work with and uneven (note the patchy spot on middle finger), so it's not one of my favourites.

As for the glitter placements, it went better than I expected! Sally Beauty sells its own line of polish packaged in cute, teeny bottles called Sally Girl. 812070 (catchy, right?) features small round and large hexagonal gold glitter in a clear base; the latter I fished out of the bottle and carefully placed on the nail using a dotting tool. I thought this would be a total pain in the ass to do, but I actually I think this sort of careful, tedious work is kinda calming for me haha! I will definitely do more glitter placement and Ruffian manis in the future, just not with Creative Fantasy--although I might try it in a glitter jelly sandwich next :>

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