Monday, May 21, 2012

Review: Body Shop Aloe Protective Restoring Mask

This review is sooo overdue; I've been using this "mask" (I use the term loosely--you'll see why) for a few months now. This Aloe Protective Restoring Mask is one of TBS's most popular products, formulated to soften, hydrate, and soothe sensitive skin. Lured by the super-awesome-deal that is Body Shop's occasional 3 for $30 sale, I picked it up during winter to help add moisture to my poor dry skin. 

My first time using this mask, I applied a generous layer to my skin and let it sit on my face for 20 minutes, as per the instructions. After time was up, I used a cotton round to wipe away excess product that my skin hadn't absorbed. Maybe it was because I was overly generous with the application, but this isn't my favourite way to use it. Just wiping away the product with a cotton round wasn't enough, as I was left with a heavy, somewhat greasy feeling on my skin. I really wanted to wash my face afterwards.

I read that some MakeupAlley users were treating this product as basically as moisturizer, and it turns out this "mask" makes for a great night moisturizer for drier skin types. Applied in a light layer, it absorbs well with no greasy feeling at all. I keep the jar in the bathroom, as my skin absolutely drinks this up when used right after a shower. My skin feels more plump and hydrated after use, and was especially helpful in the winter when my forehead was flaking.

I was really enjoying this mask during the winter and suggested it to my dad, who has sensitive skin and was experiencing severe dryness at the time. He ended up liking it so much he was taking the jar along to work or squirreling it away in my parents' bathroom--I resorted to buying a second one for myself so that I wouldn't have to hunt for it all the time!

I am rather skeptical of the claims on the packaging that this product has "prebiotics to strengthen skin's natural barrier", but it is definitely a lovely moisturizer/mask--and not just for sensitive-skinned folks. I would recommend it to almost anybody except perhaps those with very oily skin. Those with normal or combination skin could use it as a mask for a boost of hydration or to moisturize dry spots during colder months, while people with dry skin (like me) can happily use it year-round. Just remember that a little goes a long way, and beware of applying a too-heavy layer as a mask, as it can leave a greasy feeling after wiping away.

Last recommendation: get it on sale if you can! It is regular $22 CAD, and an absolute steal if you catch a 3 for $30 sale (can you say 55% off?)

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