Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review: Urban Decay Jackpot 24/7 Glide-On Pencil Set

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I’ve loved the 24/7 liners from afar for a while now, swatching and admiring their smooth application and vibrant colour before—with a heavy heart—having to turn away at the $20 CAD pricetag. I finally gave in for Jackpot because of the awesome value of the set: the 9 half-size liners plus a full-size liner pencil in Zero was well-worth the $43 pricetag (I think I got $15 off because of a coupon on top of that!)

Although the Jackpot set is no longer available, all of the shades in the Jackpot set (except Whiskey) can be purchased individually as a full-sized pencil.

The 24/7 Glide-On eyeliner pencils are one of Urban Decay’s best-known and best-selling items, and I can certainly understand why. These liners truly “glide” when applying them in all their creamy and effortless awesomeness. They impart lovely, pigmented colour with the tiniest amount of pressure. Although there are other eye products out there that feel lovely and creamy on application, 24/7 stands out because it sets on the eyelid quickly and does not crease or smudge (I'm looking at you, Rimmel Eye Glistener.) Their creaminess makes them easy to use for tightlining and lining the lower lashline, which can be especially painful and difficult with too-hard liner pencils, while staying put due to the waterproof formula. And I mean seriously waterproof. After taking pictures of the swatches on my arm, I tested rubbing them off my arm under a running tap for a while but they didn’t budge. I finally got them off with a combination of cleanser and eye makeup remover.

The shades included in the Jackpot Set are Eldorado (gorgeous true gold), Rockstar (dark plummy purple), Whiskey (burnt sienna-ish brown), Mildew (deep warm green), Electric (bright aqua blue), Ransom (bright purple), Binge (navy), Gunmetal (shimmery grey), Stash (dark golden olive), Zero (black)

Sidenote: Annabelle Metallic Kohl eyeliner in Mojito is actually pretty close to Mildew shade-wise, but Mojito is just a bit warmer with more yellow in it.

Eldorado, Mildew, Electric, Binge, Gunmetal, and Stash are the shades that have the most shimmery metallic look, whereas Rockstar, Whiskey, Ransom, and Zero have a more subtle shimmer or lean matte. This is a very versatile set because all kinds of looks are possible, from subtle neutrals to bright and fun colour. 

These pencils would be awesome for those that have difficulty drawing their eyeliner with a wing. Because 24/7 pencils are so creamy, I can draw a line on my upper lashline, then use an angled liner brush to go over the line and pull it out for a perfectly crisp wing. Much easier than winging your eyeliner with gel or liquid liner, which can be so finicky!

All in all, this set was an amazing purchase: creamy, soft, smooth, and long-wearing pencils that worked out to be about $4 each—$3 if you consider the coupon I used. Sometimes value sets aren’t that great of a deal for me because there are shades or products in the set that I don’t like. This is definitely not the case here, as I love all of the shades included in the Jackpot set--although if I had to choose, my faves are Eldorado, Mildew, Zero, Rockstar, and Binge.

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